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Montanans Discover Two Best Student Debt Relief Options Thanks To helps the residents of Montana who are riddled with student loan debt by reviewing and ranking the top two student debt relief in the area.

Helena, MT – September 09 – If you like wide-open spaces, you’d love Montana. It consists of 147,046 square miles, making it America’s fourth largest state yet has a population of just 902,195. This means Montana has roughly six people per square mile.

Montana’s state slogan is The Treasure State based on the amount of copper, gold and silver that’s been mined there. The name Montana comes from the Spanish word for mountainous, which makes sense in that it’s very mountainous and its highest point is Granite Peak at 12,799 feet.

Butte, Montana has been called “the richest hill on earth,” but residents of Montana have not exactly profited from this as its students graduate from college owing an average $27.475 ranking the state 18th in the nation. Also, 64% of Montana college students are unable to go to school without taking out student loans. This is despite the fact that college in Montana is fairly affordable. For example, the cost for an in-state student to attend the University of Montana for a year is just $18.336. Montana State University costs a bit more at $19,476 but a year at the private school Carroll College costs a whopping $40,051.

Studentloanconsolidationreviews.orgrecently named National Debt Relief and SoFi (Social Finance Inc.) as the two best options for Montanans seeking relief from their student debts.

Michael Smith, a spokesman for said, “We studied the student debt relief options available to residents of Montana and concluded that these two are the best. We gave National Debt Relief top marks based on several factors not the least of which is what it can do for its customers. But we also liked SoFi for its low interest charges and the career counseling it can provide its borrowers”.

When hearing the news of its top rating National Debt Relief spokesman Paul Ritz commented, “We were pleased to hear this because we only recently introduced this service. We take pride in the fact that we can help our customers obtain direct federal consolidation loans or change to repayment plans with lower monthly payments and better terms.”

While SoFi specializes in student loans and debt consolidation, National Debt Relief works through the US Department of Education to find its customers the best repayment programs given their financial circumstances.

“We believe that when it comes to student debt there is no one size fits all,” said Ritz. “Instead, we analyze each of our client’s financial situation and federal student loan portfolio. We can offer a suite of options for student loan repayment from the Department of Education This allows us to provide a client with the one that’s best suited to him or her given their financial circumstances. For example one of these options is the Graduated Repayment Program. It’s become very popular because it allows low-income graduates to start with low payments that increase gradually every two years as their income increases.” also gave National Debt Relief its top score as it consistently maintains an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. Plus, it’s been in business since 2007 and has helped thousands of individuals and families find relief from their debts through debt settlement.

SoFi was ranked second to National Debt Relief due mostly to its business model. It uses peer-to-peer lending where the loans come from the alumni of the 550 colleges and universities that belong to the SoFi network. ”For people who need a debt consolidation loan SoFi can be a good option, noted Smith.”However, to be eligible for a loan from SoFi you must be a student at or the alumnus of one of the schools in SoFi’s network.” Additionally, marked SoFi down because it will consolidate federal student loans with private loans. This is a practice frowned on by many experts because once these loans have been consolidated, the borrower loses all of the benefits and advantages associated with federal student loans including loan forgiveness, cancellation, deferment and the seven different options for repayment, and is basically stuck with a fixed term and fixed monthly payment.

People struggling with their student debts should definitely go to the site to learn more about National Debt Relief and SoFi.

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