Struggling To Repay Student Debt?

Struggling To Repay Student Debts? Has Answers helps residents of New Mexico by reviewing the top two student debt relief companies in the area.

Santa Fe, NM – September 06 – New Mexico has something no other state can claim – the most PhDs per capita. This is due to the many government and private research facilities scattered throughout the state. New Mexico is also famous for having given birth to one of America’s most popular conspiracy theories. It began in 1947 when an unidentified flying object (UFO) crashed near the town of Roswell. Our government claims it was the remnants of a weather balloon but conspiracy theorists say it was a flying saucer that contained alien life and that the government created a gigantic cover up to hide the true facts.

Whether this was a flying saucer or not is still debatable. But what isn’t debatable is that student debt has become a serious problem. Two years ago, the average student loan balance for all age groups was $24,301 and it’s likely gotten even worse since then. And about one-quarter of borrowers owe more than $28,000. However, New Mexico students have done much better as they graduate owing just$17,994, which makes the state second best in the nation.

Another fact that isn’t debatable is the cost of going to college today. For example, it now costs $18,473 for a resident to attend the University of New Mexico for a year. A year at New Mexico State University costs a resident a bit less at $17,947 but a year at a private school such as St. John’s costs an amazing $58,831. recently undertook a study of debt relief companies available to those New Mexicans having a problem with their student debts. What it found is that the top two options are – SoFi (Social Finance Inc.) and National Debt Relief. used three criteria in evaluating student debt relief providers. They were how it charges for its services, the services it offers and company history.

“We concluded that National Debt Relief is the best option because it was tops in all these criteria,” said spokesman Michael Smith. “The way it charges its customers is totally performance driven and can offer its customers a variety of student debt repayment options. Plus, National Debt Relief has constantly maintained an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, which speaks well of its history.” ranked SoFi second to National Debt Relief because it provides only student loans and student debt consolidation. Also, SoFi is more of a social community than a debt relief provider. It has 550 member colleges and universities and provides loans only to students at those schools and their alumni. These loans are provided peer-to-peer meaning that the lenders are the alumni of these schools. However, as noted by its loans have introductory rates starting at just 0.99%. In addition, SoFi offers payment deferment in the event a customer becomes unemployed and will even help him or her find a new job.

National Debt Relief operates in an entirely different manner, as it does not provide loans. “It is a true debt relief provider,” noted Smith, “as it will analyze a client’s financial situation and federal student loan portfolio and then attempt to find a repayment program with better terms and a lower monthly payment than what she or he currently has. If it is unable to find a better program, it charges the client nothing.”

“We offer a number of options for student loan repayment from the Department of Education.” Said National Debt Relief’s Paul Ritz.” This allows us to provide a client with the one that’s best suited to him or her given their financial circumstances. If appropriate, we can also help a customer consolidate his or her student debts with a federal Direct Consolidation loan.”

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