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Tips on Improving Credit Scores

The Home Loan Arranger, Jason M. Ruedy, Provides Tips on Improving Credit Scores Before Applying for a Mortgage

Mortgage interest rates are still sitting near record lows, and it’s The Home Loan Arranger, Jason M. Ruedy’s, goal to help as many people as possible refinance their current mortgage or obtain a purchase loan before interest rates rise.

Denver, Colorado – September 10 – Denver Mortgage Banker Jason M. Ruedy, also known as The Home Loan Arranger, is on a mission to help as many people as possible refinance their current mortgage or obtain a purchase loan before mortgage interest rates rise. With interest rates still sitting at record low levels, Mr. Ruedy believes that now is the best possible time to either refinance or apply for a new mortgage. However, the lowest available mortgage interest rates are usually given to individuals with the highest credit scores. Therefore, Mr. Ruedy offers advice on how to raise a credit score prior to applying for a refinance or new mortgage.

On August 5, 2014, RealtyTimes, a website dedicated to providing real estate news and advice published an article entitled How to Improve Your FICO Scores Quickly. The article focuses on the fact that now is a great time to refinance or apply for a purchase loan – but mortgage lenders focus on FICO scores, so it’s important for potential borrowers to improve their scores as quickly as possible before attempting to refinance or apply for a new loan.

The article lists several dos and don’ts for individuals attempting to quickly raise their credit score. Some examples of the published tips include: keeping existing credit cards open, not maxing out or consolidating credit card accounts, not transferring transfer credit card balances, not changing change jobs right before applying for a mortgage, paying bills on time, paying down debt, and shopping around for the best possible mortgage terms from multiple lenders.

According to The Home Loan Arranger, there are several other methods not listed in the RealtyTimes article that can be used to try and quickly raise a person’s credit score. These methods include:

Reviewing your credit report, spotting errors, and disputing all errors until they are corrected.

Requesting that your credit limits be raised.

Avoiding the establishment of new credit cards, lines of credit, or other types of debt too quickly.

“As a mortgage lender who has been in this business for more than two decades, I’ve seen first-hand how high and low credit scores can affect the mortgage interest rate offered to potential homebuyers. If anyone is thinking about either refinancing their current mortgage, or applying for a purchase loan, my advice is to plan ahead. Make sure to get your credit score as high as possible before applying for a loan. Don’t wait until you’re half way through the application process before you start worrying about how you’re going to raise your score so you can obtain the best possible interest rate.” – Jason M. Ruedy, The Home Loan Arranger

About The Home Loan Arranger:
Mr. Jason M. Ruedy, also known as The Home Loan Arranger, has 20+ years of experience in the mortgage business. His company was built around the crucial principles of hard work, discipline, and determination. The Home Loan Arranger evaluates client applications quickly and efficiently and structures loans with the best possible terms. Mr. Ruedy is successful in achieving loan closings for clients while meeting their highest expectations. Jason M. Ruedy is ranked #2 in the state of Colorado by Scotsman Guide, which is the top leading resource for mortgage originators.

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Instant Approval Home Loans

Instant Approval Home Loans Now Available Regardless of Credit History from Complete Home Loans.

Shoppers with good, bad, or no credit are now getting instant approval home loans from the trusted lending resource, Complete Home Loans.

Seattle, WA – September 03 – America’s favorite home lender is now offering instant approval home loans to shoppers, regardless of credit history. The online application form can be filled out in as little as 60-seconds and offers instant approval. – 60 second application form

Once the easy online application form has been submitted, Complete Home Loans matches the person’s financial information with a lender that can provide them with the loan they need.

Complete Home Loans encourages shoppers to get their credit score checked after they’ve applied for a home loan. Upon completing the online application the lending resource supplies loan shoppers with an easy to use credit score report through the top supplying resources in America. Home shoppers can take this information and improve their credit score which may have a drastic impact on their home finance rates (or approval).

About Complete Home Loans:
The home purchase, equity, and refinancing loan company services customers across America no matter their credit history. They specialize in matching people with good, bad, or no credit to lenders who may be able to qualify them for a home loan. Their network of lenders is the largest in the United States and offers low interest financing to home owners or shoppers.

People who’ve been turned down in the past are able to use their easy online application form to instantly get approved for a loan (no matter their credit history).
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